12th International Conference on Urban Drainage

DATE: September 11 to 16, 2011 - VENUE: Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil




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PAP004777 - Removing Dissolved Phosphorus from Stormwater
PAP004778 - Measuring Performance and Scheduling Maintenance for Stormwater Treatment Practices
PAP004781 - to a Climate proof city
PAP004783 - Alternative Criteria for Urban Surface Perviousness
PAP004784 - Particle pathways during urban snowmelt
PAP004787 - Hydrologic/hydraulic modelling for the drainage system of west urban catchment of Santa Fe City, Argentina
PAP004788 - Comparison of the infiltration capacity of permeable surfaces for Rainwater Energy Valorization
PAP004795 - Sensitivity analysis of alternative soil loss prediction model for urban impoundments
PAP004800 - Modelling of critical CSO's loads and intervention actions to estimate recovery of impacted watershed
PAP004801 - Impacts of diffuse pollution on water resources
PAP004808 - Development of Decision Support Tools for Urban Storm Drainage
PAP004811 - Assessment of UV/VIS-spectrometry performance on combined sewer monitoring under wet weather conditions
PAP004816 - Settlement as a driver for sewer rehabilitation
PAP004817 - Removal of surface water from combined sewers applying the SWITCH Transitioning approach
PAP004826 - Intensity-Duration-Frequency Estimation using Generalized Pareto Distribution for Urban Area in a Tropical Region
PAP004843 - Stormwater Harvesting and Water Sensitive Urban Design Detention: A Compatibility Analysis
PAP004880 - On the relationship between pollutant build-up on roads and antecedent dry days
PAP005079 - Inca Water Quality, Conveyance, and Erosion Control
PAP005081 - Southern California College Water Reuse Feasibility Study
PAP005082 - Applied Global Sensitivity Analysis in Sewer Flow and Water Quality Modelling
PAP005086 - Green buildings as a contribution to urban drainage
PAP005089 - Energy loss at three-way circular drop manhole under surcharge flow
PAP005090 - A GIS-Based Stormwater Disconnection Methodology to aid in the identification of (retrofit) SUDS potential of urban areas, using a case study catchment within London, UK
PAP005094 - Application of Level Spreader - Grass Filter Strips in South East Queensland, Australia for discharge reduction and passive irrigation
PAP005096 - Changing The Urban Water Paradigm From Research To Education
PAP005097 - A new framework to guide urban water transitioning
PAP005099 - Identifiability Analysis for Improving Calibration of a Conceptual Sewer Model and Determining Data Requirements
PAP005100 - Water Sensitive Cities - Science-Policy Partnership
PAP005101 - Undermining areas and hydraulic function of sewer systems
PAP005102 - Stormwater impact on urban water bodies: seasonal variations in sediment metal concentrations in a cold climate - prelimiray results
PAP005104 - Options to Manage Wastewater Treatment in Cities with Poorly Designed Combined Systems in Place
PAP005109 - Climate change impacts on extreme rainfalls and design storms for flood risk assessment in urban areas. Application to Barcelona city
PAP005111 - The Importance of Tacit Knowledge for Urban Water Management
PAP005112 - Evaluation of Highway Stormwater Practices along Interstate-40 in North Carolina, USA
PAP005113 - Time distribution of heavy rainfalls in Florianópolis-SC, Brazil
PAP005115 - Procedure of urban infrastructure flood damage estimation - Case study of Itajubá, Brazil
PAP005116 - Conceptualising a spatial decision support system to evaluate the impacts of urban development on water bodies in New Zealand
PAP005117 - Economic assessment of climate adaptation options for urban drainage design in Odense, Denmark
PAP005118 - Stormwater drainage a convenient conduit for the discharge of urban effluent: case study of the Berg River, Paarl, South Africa
PAP005119 - The Management of Urban Surface Water Flood Risks Under Extreme Events
PAP005120 - Evaluation of Undersized Bioretention for Treatment of Highway Bridge Deck Runoff
PAP005122 - Selecting SUDS in the Valencia Region of Spain
PAP005123 - Structural devices devoted to the flood risk mitigation: a comparative analysis of the sizing methods
PAP005126 - Numerical investigations of the cleaning efficiency of artificial created surge waves in sewer siphons
PAP005127 - Modeling the corrosion of concrete sewers
PAP005128 - Urban Wastewater System Management and Risk Assessment Under Catastrophic Antiviral Pandemic Conditions
PAP005129 - The SWITCH Transitioning Manual
PAP005131 - Experimental approach to determine flood hazard criteria in urban areas
PAP005132 - Influence of urban expansion on the hydrology of small catchments: development of the suburban PUMMA model by coupling of urban and rural hydrological models.
PAP005133 - Roof maintenance impacts on roof runoff quality in France
PAP005134 - Locating illicit connections with DTS: classification of findings
PAP005136 - The Impact of Green Roof Configuration on Hydrological Performance
PAP005137 - Factors influencing the infiltration of pharmaceuticals through soils
PAP005138 - The role of stormwater management in the Urban Water Cycle
PAP005139 - Different methods of CSO identification in sewer systems and receiving waters
PAP005140 - Modeling the development and consequences of clogging for stormwater infiltration trenches
PAP005141 - Quantification and verification of QUEST method as a tool for assessing exfiltration from gravity sewers
PAP005142 - Effects of on-site greywater reuse on municipal sewer systems
PAP005143 - The effect of converting combined sewers to separate sewers
PAP005144 - Flow Forecasting in Urban Drainage Systems using Deterministic Updating of Water Levels in Distributed Hydraulic Models
PAP005145 - Sludge treatment paradigms: impact of priority substances and priority hazardous substances
PAP005146 - Comparison of strategies used to map riverine flooding: the town of Fislis, in France, as a case study
PAP005147 - Application of mathematical modeling for simulation of hourly rainfall
PAP005148 - Hydrological modelling of suburban catchments
PAP005149 - A Comprehensive Review of Level Spreader - Vegetative Filter Strip Research in North Carolina, USA
PAP005150 - Integrated water quality modeling in costal urban areas with tridimensional receiving water bodies
PAP005152 - Integral restoration of river basin using sustainable technologies: The Moravia Hill
PAP005160 - Treatment of formate based de-icing fluids in a substrate filter
PAP005161 - A Case Study for Measures Against Urban Inundation by the Use of 2-Dimensional Runoff Simulation Model
PAP005162 - GIS based applications of sensitivity analysis for sewer models
PAP005163 - GLUE based uncertainty estimation of urban drainage modeling using weather radar precipitation estimates
PAP005164 - A Study on a Method for Maintaining Stormwater Infiltration Inlets in Niigata City
PAP005165 - Decision support for urban drainage using radar data of HydroNet-SCOUT
PAP005166 - On the influence of high quality rain gauge data for radar-based rainfall estimation
PAP005167 - Bayesian inference analysis of the uncertainty linked to the evaluation of potential flood damage in urban areas
PAP005169 - Evaluation of alternative emission control strategies to urban water systems using substance flow analysis
PAP005170 - Towards improved urban water governance in Adelaide, Australia
PAP005172 - Definition of synthetic rainfall events for urban flooding estimation: the integration of multivariate statistics and cluster analysis
PAP005173 - Use of Precipitation Data from the Regional Climate Model CLM for Hydrological Modelling in the dynaklim Project
PAP005174 - Spatial rainfall intensity distribution over an urban area and its effect on a combined sewerage system
PAP005177 - Hydraulic Design of a Labyrinth Weir in the Aclimação´s Park Lake.
PAP005178 - Revision of Japan's inland flood hazard mapping method
PAP005179 - Management of urban hydrology via citizen participation - a six-year study in the Shepherd Ck. (Ohio, USA)
PAP005180 - Empirical Performance Assessment of a Large Rainwater Harvesting System
PAP005181 - Land planning and urban waters in the city of Maceió, capital of the state of Alagoas, Brazil
PAP005182 - From Water Networks to a 'Digital City' - a Shift of Paradigm in Assessment of Urban Water Systems
PAP005183 - Accounting for climate change - contrasting two alternative approaches for managing uncertainty in flood risk
PAP005184 - At the Brink: the Transition of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in the UK
PAP005185 - Sustainable stormwater management progress in the Czech Republic
PAP005186 - Flood protection and pesticide mitigation with retention basins: Assessing the compatibility of these two functions.
PAP005188 - Retrofitting surface water management measures: delivering multiple value
PAP005189 - Accredited Stormwater Management
PAP005190 - Small-scale physical modeling of runoff and particles transport on a road configuration: comparison with larger scale hydrological models.
PAP005191 - Enhancement of urban pluvial flood risk management and resilience through collaborative modelling: a UK case study
PAP005192 - Characterization of Runoff from Various Urban Catchments at Different Spatial Scales in Beijing, China
PAP005196 - Application of online water quality sensors for integrated CSO impact assessment in Berlin (Germany)
PAP005197 - The Influence of Outlet Angle on Solute Transport in Surcharged Manholes
PAP005198 - Valuing Amenity - Public perceptions of SuDS ponds in Scotland
PAP005199 - Improved CFD Simulation Approaches for Manhole Dispersion Investigations
PAP005201 - Coupled 1D-2D hydraulic simulation of urban drainage systems - model development and preliminary results
PAP005202 - Using SWMM as a tool for hydrologic impact assessment in a small urban-rural basin within high resolution GIS
PAP005203 - Trends simulation of water quality in a urban-rural basin using a process-based model
PAP005204 - A Theoretical Framework for Sustainable Transition towards Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Areas
PAP005207 - Impact of sewer condition on urban flooding: a sensitivity analysis based on Monte Carlo simulations on full hydrodynamic models
PAP005209 - A computational fluid dynamics based methodology to discharge determination using ultrasonic (transit-time) measurements in sewer pipes
PAP005210 - Receptivity to sustainable urban water management in the Pacific
PAP005212 - Conception, Modeling and Detailing of a Detention Reservoir in a Square, Acting as a Multifuctional Landscape for the Flood Control in the Guerenguê River Basin, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
PAP005213 - Re-thinking institutional capacity-building: Lessons from Australia
PAP005214 - Towards a socio-technical framework for mapping and diagnosing transformational dynamics in urban water systems
PAP005215 - Errors in yield and overflow estimation in rainwater tank cluster modelling
PAP005216 - Pressure and Energy Changes at Stormwater Pits with Part-Full Flows
PAP005217 - Achieving multiple water management objectives with stormwater harvesting- Case study from local government in Australia
PAP005218 - Urban Flood Control in Vila Fraternidade, Brazil: Analysis of a Polder Installation Supported by a Hydrodynamic Computer Model
PAP005221 - Patterns of transition-oriented governance approaches in the Australian urban water sector.
PAP005222 - Water crisis and institutional adaptive capacity: Lessons from the Australian experience.
PAP005226 - A Case Study Analysis of the Critical Factors Influencing a Private Land Developer Adopting Water Sensitive Urban Design
PAP005227 - Occurrence of endocrine disruptors in wastewater from combined sewers in Paris and Beirut: what about parabens?
PAP005228 - Effect of Microbial Particle Association on Removal of Stormwater Faecal Microorganisms by Biofilters
PAP005229 - Key design characteristics that influence the performance of stormwater biofilters
PAP005230 - A Workbench for Societal Transitions in Water Sensitive Cities
PAP005232 - Towards a sustainable rainwater harvesting in urban environments
PAP005233 - Using Rapid, Non Intrusive Methods to Measure Hydraulic Roughness in Partially Filled Pipes
PAP005236 - Performance of the envissTM filtration media: Laboratory trial
PAP005238 - A water sensitive city - Impacts on the urban water balance by the use of evaporation optimized pervious concrete pavements
PAP005239 - Flow forecasting in drainage systems with extrapolated radar rainfall data and auto calibration on flow observations
PAP005240 - Co-Governing Small-scale Distributed Water Systems: An Analytical Framework
PAP005241 - Identification of areas with risk of sedimentation
PAP005242 - 2DV numerical modeling of different flows occurring in gullies
PAP005243 - Evaluation of Storage and Using Potential (SUP) at an urban municipality scale: methodology and application to an Agglomeration municipality of Paris
PAP005244 - Urban pluvial flood modelling with real time rainfall information - UK case studies
PAP005245 - Owning SUDS in Scotland - the public drainage authority's view
PAP005246 - A simple economic model for the comparison of SUDS and Conventional drainage systems in South Africa
PAP005248 - Passive sampling and modeling of PAHs and heavy metals in stormwater runoff
PAP005249 - Mass balances of priority pollutants from different sources in urban wet weather discharges
PAP005250 - A Bayesian Belief Network to identify the optimal watershed restoration strategy
PAP005251 - Use of Spectral Analysis in Urban Drainage Modeling
PAP005252 - INOGEV project - an original French approach in micropollutant characterization assessment in urban wet weather effluents and atmospheric deposits
PAP005253 - Urban Drainage Model Handling Tool
PAP005254 - Assessment of chemical and microbial hazards in a full-scale stormwater detention basin. Their characterization, toxicity and fate
PAP005255 - Are UK professionals predisposed to retrofit more sustainable surface water management measures?
PAP005256 - The Municipal Sanitation Plan for the City of Belo Horizonte
PAP005257 - Pollution risks for water resources due urban sediments
PAP005259 - Applying simple hydraulic approach for strategic planning of adaption to climate changes in large city areas
PAP005260 - Innovative schemes for controlled removal of nutrients for urban wastewater agricultural reuse
PAP005261 - Real time adjustment of slow changing flow components in distributed urban runoff models
PAP005262 - Investigation of biological clogging in stormwater filters
PAP005264 - Evaluating stormwater pollution control strategies by the application of an integrated model
PAP005265 - The performance of block paving with and with out geotextile in the sub base
PAP005266 - SWAT application to analyze the floods in Negrinho River basin - SC, Brazil.
PAP005267 - Watershed management based on the elaboration of environmental scenarios
PAP005268 - Experimental and numerical investigation of interactions between above and below ground drainage systems
PAP005269 - Improving the operation and maintenance of CSO structures
PAP005270 - Flood risk assessment through a 2D-1D coupled modeling approach including impact of climate change in Barcelona
PAP005271 - A method taking uncertainties into account to evaluate the rate overflow in CSO using water-depth measurements
PAP005272 - The development of a planning framework for flood risk and water management at city or county scale
PAP005274 - Monitoring the performance of a storm water separating manifold with DTS
PAP005276 - Flood areas characteristics in Rio Negrinho city, southern Brazil
PAP005280 - Installation and application of a country-wide network of LAWR X-Band radars in El Salvador
PAP005281 - Accepting the Risks of Legacy SUDS in a Public Drainage Authority
PAP005283 - Water quality monitoring and hydraulic evaluation of a household roof runoff harvesting system in France
PAP005285 - Estimation of climate factors for future extreme rainfall: Comparing observations and RCM simulations
PAP005286 - Sources and pathways for pharmaceuticals in the urban water environment
PAP005287 - Decision strategies for handling the uncertainty of future extreme rainfall under influence of climate change
PAP005289 - A 'Systems Thinking' assessment of the management of a constructed wetland: a case study in the City of Cape Town, South Africa
PAP005290 - Lessons learned from a measurement campaign in an alpine catchment with highly distributed rainfall
PAP005291 - Sustainable Systems Management - Opportunities and Challenges for the Implementation of the Urban Master Plan Regarding Stormwater Management from the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
PAP005294 - Investigating the appropriate level of complexity for stormwater micropollutants modeling
PAP005296 - Development of Novel Activated Carbon Filter Media for Pathogen Removal from Stormwater
PAP005297 - Public infrastructure on private premises; coordination of cadastre, land management and infrastructure operation and construction
PAP005298 - Identification of dry and rainy periods using telecommunication microwave links
PAP005299 - Investigating Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in Sewer Hydraulics Modelling
PAP005300 - Cape Town's problematic vacuum sewer: A reflection on the technical, social and institutional blockage that constrain municipal management
PAP005301 - Quantifying the effect of buildings and surface roughness on 2D flood modelling.
PAP005305 - Discharge measurement system of WWTP inflow based on image processing
PAP005311 - Quality assurance for renovation of domestic drainage systems
PAP005312 - Using telecommunication microwave links to identify faulty rain gauges in urban areas
PAP005313 - Evaluation of sewer infiltration/inflow using COD mass flux method: case study Prague
PAP005314 - Effect of climate change on stormwater characteristics and treatment efficiencies of stormwater retention ponds
PAP005315 - Survey on methods for the data collection on pluvial flood risks
PAP005317 - Data-driven urban drainage analysis: an alternative to hydrodynamic models?
PAP005318 - Hydraulic performance of a scale model facility and optimization through the use of real time sensors
PAP005319 - Comparing chemical analysis with literature studies to identify micropollutants in a catchment of Copenhagen (DK)
PAP005320 - Assessment of Urban Stream Condition: Case Study
PAP005321 - Floodplain delineation with Free and Open Source Software
PAP005323 - Implementation of central control for multiple sewer systems
PAP005324 - Road runoff characteristics on costal zones - Exploratory Data Analysis and Modeling based on a pilot case study
PAP005327 - Two-dimensional pollutant transport model for sewer overflow impact simulation
PAP005328 - Integrated Urban Stormwater Management in Norway
PAP005329 - Risk Perceptions of Water Practitioners towards Sustainable Urban Water Systems
PAP005330 - Micropollutants in urban drainage systems: inappropriate sampling can flush data quality down the drain
PAP005331 - RTC versus static solutions to reduce CSO's impact
PAP005332 - Solute Transport across Surcharged Manholes under Time-Varying Flow Conditions
PAP005333 - Estimation of the sedimentation efficiency of combined sewer overflow tanks
PAP005334 - Montevideo: historical development of sewer and drainage systems
PAP005335 - Towards an Approach to the Evolution of Urban Drainage Networks Using Agent-Based Models
PAP005337 - Microbial quality of roof-harvested rainwater from residents in Ile de France, France
PAP005338 - Montevideo: a succesfull strategic planning process
PAP005339 - Urban Growth Modeling to Predict the Changes in the Urban Microclimate and Urban Water Cycle
PAP005342 - Flooding in consolidated urban area
PAP005343 - Regional Variations in Climate data related to Urban Drainage
PAP005344 - Performance of rainwater harvesting systems in various Mediterranean locations
PAP005346 - A coupled SSA-SVM technique for stochastic short-term rainfall forecasting
PAP005347 - Integrated Urban Water Management in Porto Alegre - Brazil
PAP005348 - Simulation of green roof hydrological behavior with a reservoir model
PAP005349 - Toxicity assessment of road dust prepared under various elution conditions using a benthic ostracod
PAP005351 - An enhanced blend of SVM and Cascade methods for short-term rainfall forecasting
PAP005352 - Stormwater control of new urban developments - Planning and modeling the Penalva system
PAP005353 - ADESBA - A new general global control system applied to the Hildesheim sewage system
PAP005354 - Bioretention Outflow: Does it Mimic Non-Urban Watershed Shallow Interflow?
PAP005355 - Urban flood forecast based on a network of raingauges
PAP005358 - A methodology to assess dry weather flow pattern uncertainty for integrated urban drainage modelling
PAP005359 - Indicator based strategy to adapt urban drainage systems in regard to the consequences caused by climate change
PAP005360 - Rainwater Harvesting: Considerations and Challenges in a Humid Region
PAP005361 - A serviceability model for supporting proactive maintenance in urban drainage systems
PAP005362 - Urban drainage models for flood forecasting: 1D/1D, 1D/2D and hybrid models
PAP005364 - The incorporation of urban water management into a new governance: Uruguay's convergent strategies for a new urban water management
PAP005365 - A software-based sensor for combined sewer overflows
PAP005370 - Sustainable Stormwater Management: use of multifunctional landscapes in urban drainage for flood control
PAP005372 - Asset Management of Urban Drainage Systems under Climate Change Uncertainty
PAP005373 - Modeling as a tool for territorial planning Application case: Miguelete River, Montevideo.
PAP005374 - Polder and wetland integrated design at Dom Pedro II Park in São Paulo downtown, Brazil
PAP005376 - Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Discharge Design Standards to Limit Stream Erosion in Piedmont North Carolina
PAP005378 - Dynamics of cities and water infrastructure in the DAnCE4Water model
PAP005379 - "Hydrosolidarity induced" in urban drainage
PAP005381 - First storage unit for Montevideo's city public sewer system
PAP005383 - Urban drainage Plan of the Municipality of São João da Boa Vista - São Paulo - Brazil
PAP005384 - Performance analysis of flood control facilities in São Paulo Metropolitan Region during extreme rainfall events, based on hydrological simulation
PAP005385 - Potential flood damage evaluation and flood risk maps development based on hydraulic-hydrological simulation
PAP005387 - A Collaborative Urbanistic Redesign Proposal to the Informal Community of Vila Cascatinha in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
PAP005388 - Upper Tietê Floodplain Conservation Plan
PAP005389 - Spatial metrics modeling to analyse correlations between urban form and surface water drainage performance
PAP005390 - Proposed Methodology for Urban Drainage and Flood Control Projects Evaluation
PAP005391 - Expansion of Montevideo's sewerage system through planning: methodology and results.
PAP005392 - Experiments on evolution of particle size in raw wastewater
PAP005393 - Behavior of flooding source control systems for frequent rain events: effect on pollutant loads.
PAP005394 - Revision of urban drainage design rules based on extrapolation of design rainfall statistics
PAP005396 - Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) in a separate sewer system - measurements and analysis
PAP005397 - Watershed Retrofit and Management Evaluation for Urban Stormwater Management
PAP005398 - Characterising a city for integrated performance assessment of water infrastructure in the DAnCE4Water model
PAP005399 - Performances and lifespan of the envissT stormwater treatment technologies; results of a breakthrough analysis
PAP005401 - Colloidal nanomaterials as metal carrier phases in road runoff, implications for conventional stormwater treatment
PAP005402 - Characterizing the Performance of Different Travel Times Formulations to Estimate the Hydrologic Response Using a Stormwater Distributed Model
PAP005403 - Evaluation of the combined effect of increasing storage and treatment capacity in the Alcântara catchment
PAP005404 - Water quality based assessment of urban drainage impacts in Europe - where do we stand today?
PAP005406 - Green Roof for Social Interest Habitation Regarding Flood Control and Plant Growth as Means of Generating Employment and Income
PAP005407 - Sewer discharge uncertainty resulting from unmeasured small scale rainfall variability: a case study in a multifractal framework
PAP005409 - Analyzing the Consistency of the Environment's Fragility by Contamination of Waters in Urban Drainage Systems
PAP005410 - Unconventional Measures and Hydrodynamic Simulation with Mathematical Model in Sacarrão River Basin, Jacarepaguá, West Area of the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
PAP005411 - SIG-Drenagem BH - A Geographical Information System to Help the Management of Belo Horizonte´s Drainage by the Local Administration
PAP005412 - A dynamic population balance model for multiple stormwater basin processes
PAP005414 - Urban Flood Evaluation in Maceió, Brazil: Definition of the Critical Flood Event Supported by a Mathematical Cell Model
PAP005415 - Settling of Solids in Primary Clarifiers / Storm Water Tanks
PAP005418 - Suspended Solids loads in urban runoff: Evaluation of estimation laws based on a case study.
PAP005419 - Rainwater Harvesting for Sustainable Drainage and Non Potable Use in the Schools of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
PAP005421 - Influence of hydrophilic organic matter from CSOs on trace metal speciation and bioavailability in urbanized river
PAP005423 - Treatment of pathogens in stormwater by antimicrobial-modified filter media
PAP005427 - Analysis of the SWMM Model Parameters for Runoff Evaluation in Periurban Basins from Southern Brazil
PAP005429 - Multifractal study of three storms with different dynamics over the Paris region
PAP005430 - Multi-scale study of the rainfall dynamics over the Paris region
PAP005432 - Urban Stream Condition Assessment
PAP005436 - Economic Analysis of the Application of Porous Pavements in Bogota Roads
PAP005437 - 3D modeling of flow, solid transport and settling processes in a large stormwater detention basin
PAP005439 - Elution behavior and chemical forms of heavy metals from road dust in surface runoff and combined sewer flow
PAP005440 - Particle velocity and sediment transport at limit deposition in sewers
PAP005441 - Retention tank modelling using settling velocity distribution
PAP005445 - Mathematical Model to Simulate the Outflow from Permeable Pavements
PAP005447 - Estimation of BOD in Combined Sewer Overflow during Short Time Heavy Rain
PAP005448 - Procedures for integrating Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) technologies into the site planning process: Criteria for streetscape scale applied in Melbourne Region - Australia
PAP005449 - Monitoring and numerical simulation of pathogenic pollution after CSO event in coastal waters of Tokyo Bay
PAP005452 - Urban floods: assessing the effects of sea level rise and mitigation measures
PAP005455 - Water balance of infiltration systems in relation to their operating environment
PAP005465 - Aedes aegypti proliferation in stormwater retained in Best Management Practices
PAP005466 - Drainage System, Rainwater Flooding and Underground Inundation in Urban Area
PAP005467 - Hydraulic modeling of constructed reed-bed wetlands for CSO treatment
PAP005469 - Hydrochory: the seedy world of urban drainage
PAP005470 - Mandatory urban rainwater harvesting: learning from experience
PAP005473 - Purification Processes in Biofilter Systems for CSO Treatment
PAP005478 - Uncertainty in online predictions of urban drainage models
PAP005479 - Use of multi-Outlet approach to simulate flow components on urban catchment
PAP005481 - Regional evaluation of the performance of rooftop rain water harvesting systems for domestic use
PAP005482 - Flooding analisys, using HEC-RAS modeling for Taquaraçú river, in the Ibiraçú city, Espírito Santo, Brazil
PAP005488 - Stormwater source control regulation: a hydrological comparison of alternative policies.
PAP005489 - Hydrographs' attenuation in sewers. Effects on stormwater source control regulation.
PAP005493 - Modeling of vegetated urban rivers
PAP005494 - Analysis methods of particle concentration in urban runoff
PAP005504 - Effect of discharge ratio on the downstream velocity field of open channel junction
PAP005506 - Spatio-temporal evolution of Clogging of stormwater infiltration systems
PAP005507 - Characterization & main factors affecting clogging evolution of the bottom of stormwater infiltration systems
PAP005509 - Economic assessment and financing of adaptation measures
PAP005515 - Performance Criteria for Multi-sourced Urban Water Systems
PAP005517 - A green roof experimental site in the Mediterranean climate:the storm water quality issue
PAP005518 - The hydrological impact of non-structural flood protection measures in urban areas
PAP005519 - Decoupling of road runoff water in a part of a catchment area to Harrestrup stream, can meet the objectives in the water plan, ensure adaption to climate change and create synergy between investments in the sewage system and in the recreational areas.
PAP005520 - Living with Floods in Megacities
PAP005522 - Experimental Studies of Green Roof Systems as part of Sustainable System in order to minimize the problems of urban flooding
PAP005523 - Markov chain modeling of precipitation time series: Modeling waiting times between tipping bucket rain gauge tips
PAP005524 - An integrated approach for urban water modelling, linking a watershed hydrological model and a cyanobacteria dynamics model in urban lakes
PAP005526 - Integrated solutions for urban runoff pollution control in Brazilian metropolitan regions
PAP005527 - Modeling Consequences of Climate Changes on the Copenhagen Urban Drainage System - Flood Vulnerability Mapping and Future Adaptive Measures
PAP005528 - Development and Calibration of a Rainfall Simulator for Urban Hydrology Research
PAP005530 - Adaptive potential of the stormwater management in urban areas faced by the climate change
PAP005531 - Risk indicators as early warning systems for the infrastructure of waste water
PAP005535 - Flood risk and vulnerability: an assessment based on urban network modeling
PAP005536 - Local Area Weather Radar (LAWR) System to Validate Drainage Systems Capacity - Case Study from Egedal - Denmark
PAP005541 - Full-Scale Real Time Control Demonstration Project in Copenhagen's Largest Urban Drainage Catchments
PAP005542 - Evaluating the implementation of infiltration trenches in areas with consolidated urbanization: Case Study of Belo Horizonte
PAP005543 - The communication of water managers in participatory processes and their effect on the support for implementation: A case study in The Netherlands
PAP005545 - ITOHG: CSO regulations in NW Spain
PAP005546 - Urban runoff quality from the Cabaça stream basin
PAP005548 - Water sustainability in municipal planning: study case of the São Carlos/SP master plan
PAP005549 - A method for rating flood-prone areas
PAP005550 - Impact of climate change and urban development scenarios on waste water overflows from the combined sewage in Nantes, France
PAP005551 - River Revitalization in the Context of Urban Stormwater Management: the Case of Acari River Basin, Brazil
PAP005552 - Comparison of methods for computation the average rainfall in watersheds
PAP005553 - SWQM - A simple river water quality model for assessment of urban wastewater discharges
PAP005554 - Increasing the efficiency of siphonic roofwater harvesting systems
PAP005555 - Modelling and scenario building of urban water and wastewater systems - Addressing water shortage in Lima
PAP005557 - Watershed Restoration Plan for Nitrogen and Selenium Impairments
PAP005561 - Effect of collecting surface and pathway on the quality of rain water harvested
PAP005562 - A performance index for rainwater harvesting projects
PAP005564 - Determining flowrates through individual outlets in siphonic roof drainage systems
PAP005565 - An investigation into long-term infiltration rates for permeable pavements on sloping sub-catchments
PAP005566 - Using permeable pavements to promote street tree health, to minimize pavement damage and to reduce stormwater flows
PAP005574 - Adapting a rainfall-runoff model to simulate LID stormwater systems
PAP005575 - HURRBIS : a bottom-up approach gathering local territories and researchers at a national scale
PAP005577 - The use of Advanced Vortex Technologies for Stormwater and CSO, Treatment and Disinfection at Saco, ME WWTP
PAP005588 - Influencing public behaviour to protect the environment- controlling phosphates at source
PAP005589 - The composition and potential impact of the colmation zone on sewerage exfiltration.
PAP005591 - Enhancement of Water Treatment Sustainability through Dynamic Visualisation & Modelling
PAP005594 - Controlled Field Testing: A Cost Effective way of Assessing the Performance of Stormwater Control Systems
PAP005601 - Dual Stormwater biofilters: Case study in Kfar Sava, Israel
PAP005611 - Storm water storage management in urban and non-urban drainage based on runoff prediction
PAP005612 - Stormwater runoff from an industrial log-yard in Sweden: Characterization, contaminants correlation and the first flush phenomenon
PAP005613 - Pilot scale wetland treatment of stormwater runoff from a log yard: preliminary results
PAP005620 - Assessment of the options for flood attenuation in Anhangabaú catchment (São Paulo, Brazil)
PAP005644 - Rivers and riverbanks interventions in the city of São Paulo: the need for an integrated management
PAP005649 - Critical Rainfall Events in Terms of Runoff Pollution Risk
PAP005650 - Effects of management rules on pre-filling of stormwater detention facilities
PAP006155 - Current Trend in Integrated Urban Stormwater Management Practice
PAP006156 - Gross Pollutants Analysis in Urban Residential
PAP006157 - Application of Water Sensitive Urban Design at Local Scale in Kuala Lumpur
PAP006197 - An innovative method for selection of the efficient Best Management Practices (BMP)
PAP006198 - Keys to Successful Large Scale Implementation of Vegetated Best Management Practices in the Urban Environment
PAP006936 - Modelling Support to Drainage Master Plans for Yuen Long and North Districts, Hong Kong

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