VI Symposium on Volcanism and Associated Environments

DATE: August 2 to 5, 2015 - VENUE: USP - Cidade Universitária - São Paulo - SP

Field Trip

Cretaceous alkaline magmatism of the northern coast of São Paulo state

The trip will visit the alkaline magmatism of Cretaceous on the northern coast of São Paulo state, in the cities of Ubatuba and São Sebastião, including São Sebastião Island (Ilha Bela). The alkaline magmatism in the region has bimodal character with mafic-ultramafic (including mantle xenoliths) and felsic varieties.

Outcrops with wide exposure along coastal cliffs will be visited, allowing the observation of contact relationships of different lithologies as well as magmatic structures in volcanic conduits (dykes) and shallow chambers.

In addition to the alkaline magmatism, outcrops of tholeiitic dykes related to the Paraná Magmatic Province, which occur throughout the region will be visited.


July 29th to August 2nd, 2015


Excelso Ruberti (IGc-USP)
Silvio Vlach (IGc-USP)
Rogério Azzone (IGc-USP)

Application Fee

The field trip application fee has been set to R$1,500.00 and the deadline is May 31st . Follow the steps to make your registration:

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The payment receipt will be sent to the participant by email. 

Participation in the trip does not require registration in the symposium.


Number of Participants

No more than 25 participants
At least 15 participants

Rua George Ohm, 230 - 19º andar - Torre A
04576-020 - São Paulo - SP

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